Zoned Multi Pocket Spring Unit

Zoned Multi Pocket Spring Unit is a cutting – edge technology that goes beyond all the others. Precise distribution of the body weight, which guarantees ideal maintenance of proper shape of the spine during relaxation and sleep for you and your partner. It allows variety of the coil diameter, shape and height featuring a higher coil count and different configuration of the zones. This is the best solution, that can cover all if precise needs.


Choose Zoned Multi Pocket Spring Unit and you obtain:

  • A durable spring system- all pocket springs are extra heat treated
  • Independence of every single coil
  • Excellent comfort
  • Zones of different wire types for maximum ergonomic case
  • Best price/quality combination
  • Scientifically proven healthy and ecological interior for your bed and upholstered products
Pocket spring diameter Ø 37-44 mm 44-55 mm
Pocket spring height 120-180 mm 120-180 mm
Pocket spring wire
diameter Ø
1.10-1.60 mm 1.40-1.80 mm
Coils per m2 460-630 300-460
Pocket spring unit
Frame specification
3x1.4 mm; 8x1.4 mm; 10x1.4 mm
Top; Top/Bottom; Middle
Available without frame
Pocket spring unit
Roll packed
(5–7 units in a roll)
Bonding Centrally glued; on the top and
bottom fleece of Nonwoven
materials; or both of them
Nonwoven Spun bond (PP-100%)
Needle Punch
(PP – 90%, Polyester –10%)