Mini Bonnell Spring Units

Mini Bonnell Spring Units are mostly used in upholstery industry.Over the past few years the company has achived good sales of this product.The product is widespread on the market and its growth is continuing.

Mini Bonnell Spring Units didn’t stepback to the traditional bonnell spring units.The advantage they have is the compact size, which is suitable for children’s beds, and also for modern upholstery furniture.Another advantage is smaller diameter of wire, that spread across a considerably higher number of springs.


Choose Mini Bonnell Spring units and you obtain:

  • More strength and durability due to the increased number of springs per sq. m.
  • Best price/quality combination
  • Scientifically proven healthy and ecological interior for your bed and upholstery products
Mini Bonnell spring diameter from 69 mm to 73 mm
Mini Bonnell spring height 4 turns from 75 mm to 95 mm
Mini Bonnell spring height 5 turns from 105 mm to 125 mm
Mini Bonnell spring wire Ø 1,9 mm – 2,0 mm – 2,1 mm –2,2 mm
Helical wire Ø 1.30 mm
Coils per m2 from 120 to 180 – optional
Mini Bonnell spring units packaging Roll packed 5/15 units in a roll