Micro Pocket Spring units

Micro Pocket Spring units – are separately packed, which allows them to move independently in the spring pack.Due to its compact size, but the same independent feeling as in standard pocket springs, this type is exeptionally well suited for the manufacture of soft furniture, seats, sofas, chairs and thin mattresses that are used in caravans, yachts,etc.


Choose Micro Pocket Spring Units and you obtain:

  • A durable spring system – all pocket springs are extra heat-treated
  • Independence of every single micro coil
  • Excellent ergonomic comfort
  • Great range of spring unit sizes
  • Best price/quality combination
  • Scientifically proven healthy and ecological interior for your mattress toppers, pillows, seats and sofas.
Pocket spring diameter Ø 50-60 mm
Pocket spring height 60-100 mm
Pocket spring wire diameter Ø 1.30-1.80 mm
Coils per m2 260-360
Pocket spring unit Frame specification 3x1.4 mm; 8x1.4 mm; 10x1.4 mm
Top; Top/Bottom; Middle
Available without frame
Pocket spring unit Packaging Roll packed (5–10 units in a roll)
Bonding Centrally glued; on the top and bottom
fleece of Nonwoven materials;
or both of them
Nonwoven Spun bond (PP-100%)
Needle Punch
(PP – 90%, Polyester –10%)