3in1 pocket spring units

Touch the softness of the brand NEW technology “3 in 1” is a pocket spring which have a distinctive design that actually three in one.

  • The top and bottom of the coil are wider, which give initial soft and luxurious feeling
  • The center of the spring is more tightly formed, giving a firmer and supportive response, when is required
  • The final effect is initial softness and comfort followed by good responsive support as more pressure is applied. This unique design responds quickly to the shape and movement of individual bodies as they change sleeping position
  • Each “3 in 1” coil responds independently, which reduce the discomfort of the sleeping partner.


  • “3 in 1″responds effectively to varying body weights, providing support where it is needed most, without being too hard or too soft
  • “3 in 1” allows the muscles to relax in a more natural sleep position
  • The springs adjust instantly to the sleep movements, comforting and supporting your body actively
Head diameter Ø 59 mm
1st two turns diameter Ø 62 mm
Middle 3 turns diameter Ø 50 mm
Height 150-180 mm
Wire diameter Ø 1.60 mm;1,70 mm,
1,80 mm; 2,20 mm;
Coils per m2 220-250
Pocket spring unit
Roll packed
(5-10 units in a roll)
Bonding Centrally glued; on the
top and bottom fleece of
Nonwoven materials;
or both of them
Nonwoven Spun bond (PP-100%)
Needle Punch
(PP-90%,Polyester –10%)